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One updater. Every shortcut.

SwingPlug is a series of modules that allows you to use Swing Updater and SFU with any shortcut that supports UpdateKit, QuickUpdate, LightningUpdate, and any updater in the future using a connector tool.

Supported Updaters

If any Shortcuts you use supports any of these updaters, you can use them with SwingPlug to make them Swing Updater compatible.

Shortcut UpdaterSwingPlug Module
UpdateKitSwingPlug for UpdateKit
QuickUpdateSwingPlug for QuickUpdate
Control Centre UpdateSwingPlug for Control Centre Update
Demon UpdaterSwingPlug for Demon Updater
LightningUpdateSwingPlug for LightningUpdate

SwingPlug Frequently Asked Questions

SwingPlug allows you to use shortcuts designed for UpdateKit, LightningUpdate, QuickUpdate, and more, using Swing Updater. SwingPlug also allows you to use Swing Updater's "Swing for Updates" update checker without manually entering in details.

Simple: download the SwingPlug Hub from RoutineHub using the download buttons. Then, open up SwingPlug Hub and download the modules from there. When you download the modules, please do not rename them. This is done so that shortcuts can communicate with SwingPlug.

You don't need to! Integrate your shortcut with Swing Updater. Or, if you want to integrate your shortcut with a different updater, refer to the documentation of an updater in the Supported Updaters section and install the respective SwingPlug module.

One updater for all your shortcuts.

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