Hi, I'm Burrito! I write the Gorilla Tag Modding Guide, moderate the Beat Saber Modding Group, and do a ton of other things. Check out what I've made!

OwO-tism — OwO-compatible file uploader

OwO-tism is a file uploader and URL shortener for the OwO service at whats-th.is. OwO-tism is the most feature rich uploader for OwO, supporting many sources and all OwO settings.

Nerdtendo — Super Mario Maker course sharing


It's time to ditch bookmark URLs and screenshots. Pull course info within Discord.
Stop taking blurry, pixelated phone pictures or hassling with URLs. Simplify your life.

AuthKit — Authenticate natively

Add biometric and passcode authentication into your shortcut. Simple, easy, and works with Face ID, Touch ID, and numerical passcodes.

AppDefense — Protect your apps

Protect your apps with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Simple, easy, and works with multiple apps. Best of all, it doesn't require jailbreaking at all.

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